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Loading Platform / Pit Mounted Scissor lift


(vary from customer requirements)

BASE FRAME: The base frame shall be of robust and rigid construction fabricated out of quality structural steel conforming to IS 2062 and rolled steel sections. The same shall be designed to take care of all the stresses arising due to the loads for safe and efficient running of the equipment. The factor of safety has been considered as 1:2.

OPERATION – ELECTRO: The operation of the equipment is very simple. Here the Hydraulic Cylinders is actuated by rotary gear pump. Lifting and lowering of table is Done by Push Button Control System located at each landing on wall. The operating pendent mounted on wall shall be having emergency stop, up & down.

PLATFORM TOP: It shall be made of ms chequered plate 6 mm. The platform shall be provided with 100 mm height with skirting and hand railing made of pipe dia of 25 mm approx. It shall be provided with mesh covering (size 1/3 inches 5 mm wire) supported with angles at three side on fixed base at a height of 900 mm. (It shall occupy platform working size by 50 mm from each side except for entry & exit side because it will be open for movement of material.

LIFTING SPEED (Standard): 3.00 – 4.00 mtr/min. + - 10%

LOWERING SPEED (Standard) 2.30 – 3.50 mtr/min + - 10%

OPERATION: Shall be applicable with operating pendent push button station located at both landings on wall. The three way push button station shall consists of emergency off, Up & Down buttons which are shock proof.

CHANNEL DOOR GATES (Optional at extra cost ) : There will be channel gates which shall be fixed at each landing of scissor lift. The doors will be interlocked with each other in other words, lift will not operate in case doors are in open condition. The height of gates will be around or less than 2100 mm.

OVERLOAD ALARMING SYSTEM (Optional at extra cost ): The equipment will be equipped with overload alarming arrangement. In case of overloading the alarm will start blowing.

ADDITIONAL FILLING OF GAP AT ENTRY/EXIT SIDE : We shall be maintaining 25 to 30 mm gap between platform and floor level at stops, hence filling of gap is not necessary.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM ELECTRO – POWER PACK : Here the lifting table top is lifted by a hydraulic ram, Actuated by a rotary gear pump through double acting Solenoid valve, driven by a 3 Phase AC Electric Motor. Two instantaneous action push button controls up & down movement of the power pack top. A limit Switch stops the motor when the tabletop reaches its above-mentioned lift. The power pack will be placed at ground level at a distance of 3 – 5 meters. The makes of hydraulic components shall be Bosch, Rexroth or Vickers, Polyhedron only. It shall be placed at base frame level at a maximum distance of 5 meters.

MOTOR : The motor used in equipment is suitable for 415V ± 10%, 50 Hz ± 5% with combined voltage and frequency variation of ± 10% with maximum temperature rise. The motor winding shall be provided with class F insulation. The motors shall be squirrel cage 3 phase induction motor of totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) design. The make of motors shall be BBL, Siemens, ABB, CG only. The design ambient temperature for motors shall be 40°C.

MAIN CONTROL PANEL : It shall consists of Control Transformers, contactors, overload relays, single phase preventor and terminals, volt meters and selector switch with indicating lamps. These all shall be covered in MS sheet metal box with lock. All makes of material shall be BCH/Telemechanique france/Siemens.

PAINTING : The equipment shall be painted with 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of synthetic enamel paint of golden yellow colour. The cylinders shall be painted with sky blue colour. Optionally it can be powder coated at an extra cost .

HYDRAULIC CYLINDER: These are our indigenous product with single acting arrangement. These have been made with water resistant properties. The Piston rod is from Taiwan. All seals used in the cylinder are of PU material.

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