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Gantry Crane

Sailent Feature

Steel or aluminum, fixed or adjustable, Posi-Gantri head beam, along with a selection of accessories

Available lifting height: upto 10000 mm

Available options: Span length, lifting height, size to suit the specific application

Glory gantry cranes are available in either fixed or adjustable height models. Both types can be disassembled into three components for greater portability.


Glory Gantry Crane or Goliath Crane or Partial Crane name by which it is generally known is most ideal Material handling equipments to handle heavy loads in Open Yards. It is generally desired for Outdoor application same time form place in Indoor Application also. Generally these Cranes are used at:

Ship Yard


Granite & Marble cutting and polishing Industries

Steel yard

Comet Pipe Industries

Open yard Storage Places

Container Depute.

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